Thursday, April 30, 2009

Business as Usual

So, the anime season plods along much as it did before. K-ON is still awesome, 07-Ghost is still terrible, and the other shows seem to be progressing more or less as we had all expected. I am happy to announce that Eden of the East finally seems to be going somewhere interesting(finally being only 3 episodes, but I was getting worried <_<;;), but, aside from that, it looks to be a good season with no real surprises. I can handle that, I suppose.

In other news, I beat Mass Effect recently(I know, years behind...shut up), which I have decided is the shittiest really good game ever. I find myself hoping that BioWare put in loads of shitty things just to remind people how good the rest of the game is. Every time I flip the fucking Mako over and have to reload my file, or get stuck walking around in some area and reload, I imagine a programmer huddled before his vast monitor, grinning at the frustration he is providing by doing is job poorly. By contrast, aside from awful glitches, texture popping that is fairly justified by Microsoft's not including the ability to install to HDD before the newest updates, grade-school AI, and anything involving the Mako, Mass Effect is a pretty damned good game.