Monday, February 4, 2008

This is where the Futakoi Alternative review was going to go...

So, I recently started watching Futakoi Alternative, which is a little-known spinoff of the little-known harem Futakoi, and I had been planning to have a review for it up, but Futakoi Alternative defies all my attempts to adequately describe it at the moment. Futakoi was basically utter trash, an overplayed concept whose central gimmick adds no depth to speak of, in fact even managing to remove depth from an already chronically shallow genre. However, Futakoi Alternative is like nothing else out there. It manages to be part action, romance, and comedy while at the same time maintaining strength on all fronts. While the plot gets more and more ridiculous as the series goes along, there is a great deal of real, meaty drama in the interplay of the great cast of characters. In actuality, Futakoi Alternative is more romantic and features more emotional drama than Futakoi, which ostensibly focused solely on those things, and manages to mix in a unique brand of humor that constantly surprises and delights.

If you read this, I emphatically suggest watching Futakoi Alternative, and I'll try to solidify my thoughts on the series with another few watch-throughs, hopefully finally arriving at a review that can do the series justice.